How to have a modern and refined kitchen?

How to have a modern and refined kitchen?

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Use the walls in your modern kitchen

Classic kitchens are often made up of tall and low furniture, imposing and sometimes even old-fashioned. Admittedly, they offer good storage space and allow you to hide everything, but it is now outdated.

The current trend, with modern kitchenmeans installing wooden or metal shelves on the walls. Open, they allow you to store your dishes, ingredients or install plants and other trinkets. The shelves and their contents then become real decorative elements.

You can also install fixing bars to store kitchen utensils and other pan lids, as in a restaurant kitchen.

Bring a touch of color to your modern kitchen

This is a great idea to modernize your current kitchen, especially if it is relatively classic. Unlike old kitchens, modern kitchen don't fear color, on the contrary. Provided it is well chosen.

For example, this kitchen with fairly simple lines, made of wood, black furniture and a fairly simple splashback. Thanks to the yellow metal stools, of industrial inspiration, it immediately has a more modern side!

So you can use small furniture like chairs or a table to come put color in your modern kitchen. You can also play on kitchen utensils or install a splashback with brightly colored tiles. Some sites also offer wall tile stickers, to bring a touch of color to your kitchen without doing heavy work. Easy to install and remove, you can even use them for rental.

Mix different styles of decoration in a modern kitchen

Unlike classic kitchens, which are often decorated according to a single decorative trend, modern kitchen prefer the mix of genres! Thus, in a Scandinavian-inspired kitchen, with very clean lines, we can find elements of industrial decor: matt metal furniture, exposed plumbing, storage lockers for your provisions ...

You can also find a golden brass tap, inspired by art deco. By playing with the splashback, we can also bring other inspirations to a modern kitchen: cement tile way for Mediterranean cuisine, metro tile way for a more refined kitchen, or with geometric tiles in golden, pink or green colors. , for an art deco touch!

Have walls or graphic flooring in a modern kitchen

Furniture is not the only design or modern element in this type of kitchen. The floors and / or walls are also very important! The choice of coatings is very important, and the more graphic it is, the better. Here are some ideas:

  • The terrazzo: in credenza or on the floor, this material made up of fragments of natural stone and colored marble agglomerated with cement brings color to your kitchen.
  • Cement tiles: prefer cement tiles in very classic colors (black, white, gray, blue) so as not to get bored. To be placed as well in credenza, as carpet way in association with a parquet in raw wood.
  • The bricks : forget the classic bricks, and choose bricks reminiscent of metro tiles. Brilliant, with visible joints, we just cover the kitchen walls with!

If you are renting or do not want to do major work in your kitchen, you can come and install a Scandinavian-inspired graphic carpet on the kitchen floor. You can also put a lino with graphic lines, always in a classic color.

Hang a designer pendant lamp as a light in your modern kitchen

Decoration plays an essential role in the layout of a modern kitchen. It is inevitably the small details that will make the difference. Choose design lighting, black wire metal or natural fibers.

Whether it's a cult pendant light like the Vertigo pendant light or a much cheaper model, the important thing is that it has a little effect when you enter the room!

Make the central island a dining area

Nowadays, we take less and less time to sit around a table for lunch or dinner. Instead of eating on the go in front of the TV, create a real dining area in your modern kitchen using the central island.

This is used as a work plan when preparing meals. Once lunch or dinner time has arrived, sit around to enjoy a good meal.

Choose high chairs or designer bar stools for complete the decoration of your modern kitchen