Some decor ideas for a Shabby chic salon

Some decor ideas for a Shabby chic salon

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Cozy, retro and romantic, the shabby chic style immerses us in a world of sweetness, dreams and delicacy ... Perfect for a living room in which to dream, pamper or relax! Demonstration with all the shabby chic decor codes adapted to the living room.

A retro chandelier

Light on the living room with a retro chandelier! Star of the shabby chic spirit, the old-fashioned chandelier replaces the design pendant lights for a softer and romantic look. Straight out of Aunt Odile's attic, a trendy store or the nearby flea market, he can adopt several styles: crystal and pendants for a glamorous shabby chic, patinated white metal for a shabby chic cottage. In all cases, we choose curls and curved lines and vintage effect bulbs to illuminate the living room.

An old mirror

Placing a mirror in the living room both enlarges the space and improves its brightness. With an XXL mirror with delicate ornaments, flowery framing and an elegant patina, the whole atmosphere of the living room switches to the shabby chic side! And nothing prevents us from painting, browning or skating ourselves the grandmother's mirror or an old mottled model.

A patinated coffee table

Indispensable in the living room, the coffee table can set the tone ... provided you display a vintage look. As for the mirror, we prefer white patina, star of shabby chic decor. And as for the mirror, we can transform ourselves an old table with the right patina! For the form, everything is possible, as long as the furniture is made of wood, from recycled pallets to the old treasure chest.

Vintage chairs

How to speak of Shabby chic style without mentioning the classic medallion chair? And in the absence of a medallion, most retro chairs are suitable for shabby chic decor. They should simply display a vintage style and ideally, combine a wooden structure with refined moldings with a seat and a fabric backrest… not too used, all the same. If necessary, we re-upholster old chairs or buy them new with an aged effect!

A beautiful retro clock

The little shabby chic touch that makes the difference? A retro clock to place as a decorative object, whether it works or not. A dream for lovers of china and flea market, and it can easily (not economically, but easily ...) be repaired if necessary by a good watchmaker.

A padded sofa

Upholstered backrest, fabric covering, soft colors and elegant lines: the right sofa must recall the chic (shabby) English cottage spirit. And make you want to snuggle up, especially! Chesterfield sofa or velvet fabric, each sofa has its sofa as long as it is soft, padded and soft. With a string of cushions, some of which are flowering, if possible.

An old pedestal table

Emblematic of the vintage spirit of shabby shic, the pedestal table is also a must in the British cottage style. Where to put the cup of tea, without pedestal table next to the sofa? Depending on the size of the living room, it can play on the ends of the sofa or be set up as a real reading corner with retro chairs or a padded armchair. In all cases, we choose white patina and decorate it with a pretty frame, a lace doily, one or two candles, or even a vase of dried flowers!

Boxes and baskets

No minimalism in a shabby chic living room. On the contrary, we accumulate recycled wooden boxes, grandmother's baskets, weathered lockers ... This, whether they are really vintage or brand new with a beautiful retro effect!