How to hang towels in a small bathroom?

How to hang towels in a small bathroom?

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When you have a small bathroom, it can sometimes be tricky to optimize the space. Even if each square meter counts, the layout must remain comfortable and practical! Only one thing cannot be camouflaged: the towels. If clean towels can be stored wisely in a closet, what to do with those used in everyday life? How to hang them in style? All our tips so that they no longer clutter you unnecessarily!

Use every corner to hang your towels

To avoid the mess in a small bathroom, the ideal is to opt for a multifunctional bathroom column, and bet on the height. Often shallow, but tall, the columns are very practical: you can place clean folded towels or hang hooks for bath linen. On the walls , place small space-saving shelves on which you can roll a few small towels, with a nice "hotel" look. If you have space above the door, invest in a small shelf to store your clean towels. Space saving guaranteed: well folded, your towels will not clutter your cupboards. You will also find very practical towel racks to hang behind the door in your bathroom or your shower! Are your toilets in the bathroom? Do not hesitate to install shelves above!

Clever, the chair back becomes a ladder on which to hang the towels!

Practical and original towel racks

When you have a small bathroom, the ideal is to bet on multifunctional equipment, such as towel warmers which are used to hang and dry laundry, while warming the room! There are also pretty towel basins that save space. Designers are now making pretty, space-saving designer towel racks. Some are made up of different pivoting clothes racks, which can be hung on the wall, or in shelf format that can accommodate 4 shower towels. Drawers will be very practical to fold your towels in the manner of T-shirts depending on the KonMari method , and under a sink, you can sometimes put away a small piece of furniture on wheels to store clean linen! For an even more original touch, a trapeze suspended above the bathtub or a modern magazine rack can find its place in a corner to store a few towels! Finally, why not recycle one or two wooden wine boxes by hanging them on the wall as shelves? Towels will find their place, with toilet paper and some beauty products!

A small towel rack on the wall, hooks hanging on the sink: what good ideas!

Divert everyday objects in your small bathroom

A good idea is to invest in a double curtain rod : behind, hang the shower curtain, and in front of your drying towels! A towel holder will also find its place on the door of your wardrobe to accommodate a small hand towel! There are also sliding doors very practical to hang inside a small piece of furniture under your sink. You can also invest in a pretty trolley on wheels: there are all sizes and they can easily slip into a corner to accommodate towels and washcloths. Finally, very aesthetic and effective, you can use a ladder which, once placed against the wall, can receive your towels. Also remember to hang small wicker baskets or pots with hooks, in which you can store some hand rolled towels and your beauty products. If you have a good height under ceiling, opt for the gymnasium ladder version which will be of the most beautiful effect!

Practical and aesthetic, the ladder is the decorative tip for hanging wet towels!