Create a cocooning corner in your garden

Create a cocooning corner in your garden

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Summer, the sun and the hot days for sunbathing and relaxation are finally here! The perfect opportunity to rethink your outdoor space. Why not set up a cocooning corner there to enjoy a moment of rest alone or with your family? A cozy corner just for you, where time stands still and where you come to laze, read, meditate, take a nap ... Discover our tips for creating a cocooning corner in your garden, without breaking the bank.

To create your cocooning corner, choose a quiet and isolated place in your outdoor space

Who says cocooning corner, says calm space. First, choose the best location in your garden or on your balcony to be as far away from noise and prying eyes as possible. If your space is too small and it turns out to be complicated, mark your cocooning area with tall plants or canes, for example. Be careful not to lock yourself in too much! Take into account, for example, the sunshine in your cocooning area, so that you can enjoy the sun until the end of the day.

A canopy bed or a hanging chair are perfect for seclusion!

For small budgets, think of home staging

To make this outdoor space a true haven of peace in your image, give free rein to your imagination! If you have a DIY soul, think of home staging, this new trend which consists of recovering old furniture or materials, revamping and diverting them. An old dining table can thus become a pretty coffee table, a dresser, a vegetable greenhouse, etc. All options are possible! In addition to being economical, home staging is also very ecological. You have only good reasons to get started! There are also wonderful recipes for making your own candles, which will cost you much less.

Try DIY for your outdoor decoration. You will only feel better there!

Enhance the decoration with cozy elements

For a real cocooning corner in the garden, choose comfortable seats, accumulate cushions of different sizes and old mismatched carpets which will give a cozy atmosphere. Do not neglect the lights that will allow you at night to create a pleasant atmosphere: tinsel spirit guinguette, candle holders, lanterns ... the choice is endless! You can also to finalize your cocooning corner decorate it with macrame suspensions, flower boxes, ceramics ... in short you will understand: let your desires speak to create your ideal cocooning corner!

To create a comfortable and intimate corner, nothing like accumulating the cushions!