How to welcome spring in your living room?

How to welcome spring in your living room?

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When March finally arrives, we breathe! While waiting for the warming sun, cool but not freezing air, bright mornings and chirping birds, we are impatient to welcome spring. And to make the most of the benefits of this season, let's improve our living room, which should change from a cozy cocoon to an ode to joy. Here are the 7 main steps for the metamorphosis.

We put away everything that reminds us of the chilly winter

Throughout the winter, the low temperatures encouraged us to cover ourselves well and to make the most of our home like a warm cocoon. Result, we have accumulated in the living room objects that work almost like cuddly toys. First, the famous plaid in which we wrapped ourselves all winter on the sofa In the same spirit, there is also the animal hair-like carpet placed on our favorite chair. Finally, let's not forget the candles that are still on the coffee table as well as the logs next to the fireplace for the luckiest of us. If these objects have a certain comfort during our long winter evenings in the living room, it is time today to put them away to make room for a new cycle.

We make room for light

With the winter drafts, the windows were sometimes a little rough with us and some found the solution with thick curtains which insulated both from the cold and from the outside. With the days getting longer and the temperatures going up, it's time to open up all this and bring a little lightness to our living room. So we start by replacing the thick curtains with lighter sheer curtains which will bring a maximum of light. We also put aside all too heavy fabrics like velvets and we exchange them with textiles that evoke spring softness like linen or lace.

© La Redoute InérieursWhat if we added an exotic touch to the living room?

We move the furniture

Once the outside light has the potential to illuminate our living room with new curtains, we must also ensure that the furniture is not an obstacle to the sun. Better yet, we have to make sure that this natural light has the best effect on our room. For this, we reorganize our furniture so that the sofas and armchairs take maximum advantage of the sun's rays (and therefore we too). Not to mention that moving the furniture always has a beneficial result on our mind, we always feel lighter after a good reorganization session.

We change the paint (or the wallpaper)

Redoing your paintings or wallpapers is not compulsory every season, fortunately! On the other hand, if we intended to do so, this beginning of spring is the ideal time to get started. First for a practical side since you can finally leave the windows open without risking pneumonia to remove odors from paint and glue. Finally we will benefit much better from a new color in our living room during spring and summer since the days are longer. We follow the cycle of nature as if this new atmosphere was that of rebirth.

© La Redoute Interiors Plants invade the living room and that's good!

We invite plants and flowers

Here is an obvious advice for all those who want to celebrate spring. It's time to regain your green thumb and fill up on greenery. First there are the outdoor plants that could be kept indoors during the winter and that we have to put outside. This is not a reason to completely empty your living room of plants. On the contrary, we make the most of the flowers that land like lilac, tulip, narcissus or mimosa. For green plants, opt for refreshing species such as chlorophytum or Aeschynanthus japhrolepis (unpronounceable but also essential).

We put on spring accessories

If plants are already a first step towards the celebration of spring, there are other decorative accessories that can do the trick as well (especially if you don't have a green thumb). To celebrate spring in our living room as it should, there are several options. We can start with floral touches thanks to floral patterns on everyday objects such as cushions, notepads or framed illustrations. Other objects naturally evoke the spring freshness such as bird cages, butterfly trinkets or cute little ceramic rabbits.

And of course… we do the spring cleaning!

Finally (even if it is advisable to start there instead), spring cleaning in the living room is undoubtedly the best way to pay homage to spring. By doing the dust thoroughly (which implies going to get it even behind the furniture), we will almost immediately have the impression of breathing better. And it will also go through the decluttering box before it is too late. Breathe, it's spring!


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