Invited with friends this summer? 8 gift ideas to offer

Invited with friends this summer? 8 gift ideas to offer

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For a weekend or an entire week, your family or friends have invited you to spend a few days of vacation with them. What a bargain! But what are you going to slip into your suitcase to thank them for this nice invitation? Our 8 gift ideas to help you find inspiration!

The natural gift to offer to its guests: a terrarium

If it were not a little difficult to transport, it would be an ideal gift to offer when arriving for a few days in a house by the sea, in the mountains or in the countryside. At the same time original, decorative and natural, the terrarium is a real curiosity that will delight your hosts for a long time. And as this small ecosystem is self-sufficient in optimal light conditions, it does not need to be watered and can even spend several months in a closed house at room temperature. We love. To know: you can buy a terrarium ready made in the trade or do it yourself, by gathering the adapted plants.

A terrarium to fill guests close to nature

The idleness gift to offer to its guests: a hammock

Whatever the state of your finances and your summer destination, you will always find the budget and the place to slip a canvas hammock in your backpack. Space-saving, this accessory is the very symbol of a relaxing holiday, which rejuvenates both body and mind. To offer your eyes closed to the adapters of deceleration, mindfulness and summer meditation! Discover our selection of hammocks

A hammock, a zen zen zen gift!

The gourmet gift: jams (homemade)

Invitation on vacation often rhymes with large tables from breakfast. And what a pleasure to take your time in the morning to prepare real jam sandwiches! Whether you offer a gourmet gift box or jars of homemade jams, there is no doubt that you will pass for a guest of taste! Discover our jam recipes

A gift to be enjoyed together at breakfast

The decorative gift: a vintage poster

Deliciously nostalgic, the vintage educational poster is a great classic of the holiday home. Often intended to be hung in the kitchen, the poster can represent a map of France of fruits and vegetables, a plant or a gourmet theme such as jams, soup, chocolate or beer ... Ultra light to carry, you don't have no pretext not to take it with you to the end of the world!

Jams or poppy?

The "fashion" gift: a wicker basket, rattan…

To be sure to fill the hostess who receives you for a few days at her place, offer her a wicker basket, rattan ... This ultra-trendy accessory is used not only to go to the market, but also to store linen, throws , children's toys and the whole kitchen bazaar. Decorative element in its own right, it is exposed throughout the summer and the more there are, the better! Discover our selection of baskets

A straw basket, a rustic decorative touch

The fun gift: an outdoor game

To please your hosts while ensuring the animation of the stay, why not offer a beautiful outdoor game that promises laughter to many? Locust, pétanque, Nordic skittles or giant dominoes, the choice is yours!

A beautiful bowling game that is passed on from generation to generation ...

The scented gift: a summer candle

Gift of guests par excellence, the scented candle offered in summer must smell good on holiday. We choose it for its green, fresh, marine or floral notes, with a nice exotic name. And if we find a scent that evokes the place of destination, it's even better! Discover our selection of candles

Beach scent or summer jasmine?

The perfect gift for summer evenings: a garden lantern

If you think the summer evenings will last until the end of the night, take the front by offering your hosts a garden lantern! Whether bamboo, glass, wood or made with love from a can, the important thing is that it creates a subdued atmosphere to light up your dinners under the starry sky. Good holidays ! Discover our selection of garden lanterns

A solar lantern to better enjoy the night!