Color: add flavor to the kitchen

Color: add flavor to the kitchen

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The right colors

The kitchen, which is at the heart of the house, symbolizes life. The colors that suit him are above all those of the elements of nature. The wood and its brown tones, the tree and its tender or dark greens, the metal and its gray clarity. Gray is a matter of personal choice: choose it if you think it is a good, relaxing compromise. On the walls, a washable satin off-white is a good option. To warm up a kitchen that benefits little from the sun, or promote good humor if this space is also a dining room, think of yellow. Matt tones are preferable because they promote the circulation of energies.

Shades to avoid

Black, which symbolizes mourning and sadness, has nothing to do in a room synonymous with life and food! Same thing for white, except in counterpoint to another warmer color. Bright coatings on walls and furniture, although very trendy, are not desirable in terms of feng shui. To make them less hard, you can compensate by placing on the work surface matte and natural objects, such as wooden bowls, a wicker basket, a dish rack in raw wood. Also avoid the avalanche of colors, too tonic, to favor the wood-leaf alliance through light browns and greens.