CréaCours: learn photo, decoration and interior design online

CréaCours: learn photo, decoration and interior design online

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Going through an art school or an artistic training center is not necessarily within everyone's reach. A veritable revolution in the pedagogical approach to online teaching, CréaCours is at the initiative of the first Mooc dedicated to the artistic field. Learn a profession of passion at a distance and at your own pace, while being supervised by professionals: it's possible!

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Educational innovation, the DNA of CréaCours

Education provided by enthusiasts with real technique, different course formats (theoretical courses, videos, virtual classes) to meet the needs of students and an individual assessment without marks: CréaCours offers a new approach to artistic training. The school relies on the proximity between students and teachers as well as on the availability of the latter to ensure flawless follow-up for aspiring photographers and decorators. A clever alternation between practical courses, participative workshops and self-assessment quiz allows everyone to progress as they see fit, the duration of training being, on average, estimated at 6 months. Numerous communication and monitoring tools are also made available to the student to maintain the collaborative dimension.

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Practical and forward-looking courses

It is interesting to note that freehand drawing is widely represented in the training of Interior Decorator Designer. This allows future professionals to help the client better visualize a concept or a development project, and will prove to be a real guarantee of professionalism. The main course of design already includes an introduction to the 3D printing technique, which is undoubtedly the next step in interior decoration. It is this head start, that little extra that can make the difference, that CréaCours adds to its courses.

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A multitude of accessible professions

Even if the main modules offered revolve around photography and interior decoration, in the long term, bridges will exist between design courses and photo courses, with for example a home-staging module. Modules intended to prepare entry into the entrepreneurial world will also be offered soon. The CréaCours team has more than one string to its bow to seduce decoration and design enthusiasts who wish to start a professional retraining or even embark on various renovation projects and guesthouses, among others!

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