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New storage solutions

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Crockery, utensils, small electrical household appliances, food products ... The volume of objects to be put away keeps growing. Increasingly ingenious, kitchen furniture saves us space. Where to store the provisions? - In corner furniture Corner furniture saves space without pushing the walls. Several systems make it possible to make the most of the lost space. First solution: the turntables (at Ikea, Lapeyre or Arthur Bonnet), fixed on an axis. Their structures can be purchased independently of the furniture. Second solution: the "Magic Corner", a patented system of articulated storage, independent of each other, which can be extracted completely from the cupboard. - In the sliding elements In the narrow spaces, often between two low pieces of furniture, the drawer columns (30 cm) allow to nest an interesting space of storage volume: one stores accessories, objects, groceries there… Where to store the dishes? - In tall furniture Several door openings exist: folding horizontally, sliding vertically, liftable ... Many storage spaces can be fitted: towel racks, swivel baskets, hanging glass holders. Avoid storing too heavy objects, such as casseroles or gratin dishes! - In sliding furniture Prefer the low elements with sliding drawers. Easily accessible, the drawers close smoothly. Inside, modular systems in the form of cells and removable dividers make it possible to optimize all the useful volume: compartments dedicated to cutlery, racks or plates. Where to store cleaning products? - In a sink cabinet Under the sink, there is often the trash. Maintenance products can be stored nearby, provided they are secured. One or more sliding drawers accommodate sponges, tea towels, household gloves and small products, such as sink or ceramic plate cleaner. Where to store small appliances? - On the splashback Frosted glass surfaces or roller shutters like a store blind, with sliding doors or curtains, the splashbacks are known to be integrated into all kitchens. Depths of 35 or 45 cm and available in several widths, the splashbacks are perfect for storing household robots. In terms of material, the laminate panels allow the elements to be fixed. Less messy than tiling, they offer the possibility of coordinating your credenza with your worktop. Tempered glass also gives a nice effect. Easy to clean, however, it requires a few precautions when drilling. We can finally find stainless steel panels at low prices, easy to maintain and fixed in two stages three movements.


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