And God created the Woman who created the dishwasher

And God created the Woman who created the dishwasher

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To bounce back from a comment from Tellou, I decided to write this post to give back to Cesarine what belongs to Cesarine (and not to Cesarean). My sisters in arms, I am proud to announce that you can bulge the chest and readjust your bra straps (no, we burn them more, don't mess around anyway!) Since I found our Madonna of the appliances, our representative in domestic engineering: Joséphine Garis Cochrane.

Okay, I admit that she is not very engaging physically speaking and the little story confirms that her temperament was rather to be taken with tweezers. It is said that Mrs Cochrane decided to take out her Chinese porcelain dishes, a family heirloom, for a big dinner. After the reception, his servants pick up the plates and do the dishes. So far so good. Unfortunately the servants of Mrs Cochrane chip some plates and it is then that the fate of this woman changes! Hating to do the dishes (here we realize the extravagant side of the lady) and no longer trusting her servants, she said: "Yes well if there is no one to invent a washing machine , I'm going to have to stick to it! " (I'm modernizing a bit, you won't mind). Half an hour after this relevant remark, Mrs. Cochrane had solved the mechanical puzzle of the dishwashing machine. "Too easy!" she would have said while leaving her library in which she had taken refuge to gamberger (I always modernize). Thus in 1886, Joséphine Garis Cochrane deposited the patent of invention of what was the first dishwasher. "You see, we (Editor's note: women I guess) haven't received any education on mechanics and it's a huge handicap. It was for me, not the way you suppose. I couldn't not get men to do things in my opinion until they try for themselves and fail. And it cost me a lot. They knew I didn't know anything about mechanics from the point of view theoretical, and they insisted on having their own way of doing my invention until they realized for themselves that my way was the best, no matter how I got there. " Hey yeah! 1886 girls! The woman who put an end to the problem of dirty dishes in half an hour! I don't know about you, but it makes me proud. Respect Madame Joséphine Garis Cochrane!


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