Make a Scottish pendant light

Make a Scottish pendant light


Ordinary layer (grape format, 100 g) Colored layers blue, green, turquoise, pink (grape format, 100 g) 1 ruler Polyphane adhesive 1 cutter 1 tip Bomb glue Extra-strong double-sided adhesive tape 12 drawing pliers in 2 cm wide 1 square shade frame 15 cm side

Production :

5 'Cutting

In the Polyphane, cut a rectangle of 30 x 60 cm.

5 'Engraving and folding

With the tip, engrave the Polyphane every 14.5 cm, in its full height, so as to form the four sides of the lampshade and a tongue. Mark the folds, then flatten the rectangle.

10 'Application

lace the ordinary layer flat on the table. Apply the Polyphane on the tracing paper, delicately and gradually removing the plastic film protecting it. Cut out what protrudes from the layer.

10 'Cutting

In the colored layers, cut strips more or less long and more or less wide.

20 'Collage

Spray the colored tracing strips with spray glue. Place them on the tracing part of the flat rectangle, playing with colors and overlays.

5 'Marking of folds

Cut the layer very slightly at the folds to release the paper tensions, without damaging the Polyphane. Mark the folds.

5 'Installation

Place double-sided adhesive tape on the tab and close the lampshade. Hang it on the frame using the drawing pliers.


To spray the tracing strips with glue, place them at the bottom of a carton. Look at the light what the superimposed colors give before applying them to the lampshade. Indeed, some compositions would not be very aesthetic. Thus, pink and green form a rather dull brown.

20 tracing paper objects © Flammarion editions, 2003