Ecological gesture: the Nordmann tree you need!

Ecological gesture: the Nordmann tree you need!

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The online store for indoor and outdoor plants, Green List, is launching an operation for Christmas: a purchased Nordmann fir = a planted tree. One hectare of forest (around 400 trees) offsets the CO2 emissions of 36 people over a year! On the strength of this observation, Green List allows this year to no longer feel guilty: your fir tree cut in the Morvan will be replaced. An oak forest will be planted directly by the Green List teams in Cher in France. Do not hesitate to volunteer! The site also calls for participation. As of fall 2009, all good will will be welcome! A Nordmann tree of 1.20 meters at € 45 (on sale this week at € 40) A Nordmann tree of 1.60 meters at € 55 A Nordmann tree of 2.10 meters at € 75> More info www.listeverte .com


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