Off-plan purchase: so as not to be mistaken

Off-plan purchase: so as not to be mistaken

Your purchase on the plan will take place all the more peacefully as you will have taken the precaution to bring your attention to certain elements and will not have hesitated to check essential points.

Select the right promoter

- If you are attracted to a program, find out about the promoter: is it a large group that has carried out many programs or a small independent company that is just getting started? - Do not hesitate to visit the previous achievements of the professional. The residents will be able to explain the difficulties encountered to you and you will be able to get an idea of ​​the seriousness of the promoter and the quality of its constructions. - Take the assurance that it does indeed have the guarantees of a banking establishment or a financial company which are committed to replace it in the event of difficulties. - When you have doubts about the seriousness of a promoter, inquire with a consumer defense organization or with the General Directorate for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF), who will know tell you if it has been the subject of complaints.


Do not hesitate to consult a local housing information agency (ADIL), present in all departments, which will deliver advice and opinions on the contracts we offer and the seriousness of the promoters.

Inquire before signing

- Go visit your future neighborhood; you will see equipment on site: schools, transport, shops, services, hospitals. Get information from the town planning department to consult the local town planning plan (PLU) and neighborhood development plans: new expressway, extension of the metro, future intensive construction that could perhaps transform this quiet area in dormitories or offices. - Ask the seller to describe to you what is planned for the whole program. Be aware that, when the project is large, you risk living a good time in a perpetual construction site. - If the program is located in a fully expanding area, make sure of the date of completion of the shopping center, the swimming pool and the sports equipment advertised in the catalog. Sometimes you have to wait for years before you see them emerge from the ground. - Don't be interested in your only apartment, also study the building: the number of floors, the elevators, the parking lots, the communication routes, the presence of a caretaker, the green spaces. - Study the regulations of the future co-ownership and find out about the likely amount of charges.

Worry about the quality of your accommodation

Do not just dream in front of the advertising brochures that are necessarily designed to seduce you. Study seriously the detailed description given to you when signing the reservation contract: location in the building, orientation, living space, number of rooms, materials used.

The witness apartments that we suggest you visit are obviously always well placed and judiciously decorated, in particular equipped with mirrors to give a feeling of greater space. Integrate the little girl's piano and the grandmother's wardrobe, the impression will not be the same.

Materials and equipment

- Try to let the seller leave you a margin of freedom to choose the type of floor coverings, the installation of shutters, a floor rather than tiles, the brand of household appliances or the layout of the kitchen. - Do not ignore the equipment. Check whether or not they are included in the price as some may be optional and therefore in addition to the proposed price. Get the brand of devices to be installed.

The labels

Ask the seller to confirm the labels from which your apartment will benefit: the quality of the accommodation is guaranteed by the Qualitel label, the Comfort Plus label issued by Promotelec certifies sound insulation, ventilation, electrical installation, production of 'Hot water. A label for sustainable development The Promotelec Performance Label is part of a sustainable development approach. This label particularly highlights the equipment and technical solutions that contribute to the reduction of greenhouse gases. It monitors the quality of the construction work, focusing on the heating management equipment and the management of the installations, thus contributing to current energy saving concerns. It concerns both electric or gas energies, but also for individual houses heat pumps, solar and wood. Oriented towards thermal quality, the Performance Label exceeds the requirements of the current thermal regulations. To find out more: www.promotelec.com.

Beware of surfaces

Sometimes the sellers use fanciful designations for the surfaces, speaking of "useful surface" or "total surface". These designations may include the thickness of the walls, the stair treads or the cellars and balconies. Ask them to tell you precisely the living area as defined by regulations under the Carrez law.

Don't hesitate to negotiate

Do not rush on the pen stretched by the seller. Resist the temptation, take your time and learn about the progress of the program. Keep in mind that at the very beginning of marketing, you keep the possibility of choosing the floor and the exposure of the accommodation. Sometimes it is not forbidden to negotiate the layout of the accommodation to bring it closer to your tastes or your desires. To compensate for the risk you take by being among the first buyers, you may get a price reduction. Attractive reductions are sometimes offered because developers need to have pre-sold part of the apartments to obtain their financing from banking establishments. They organize, for example, flash sales at bargain prices offering first-time buyers generous discounts. When the program is near its end and the building in the completion phase, apartments sometimes remain on the arms of the seller. To get rid of it, he can grant a significant price reduction to the last buyers. The advantage of these program queues is that you can take a look at the realization and get a more precise idea of ​​what awaits you.

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