Acoustic, insulating and safer entry doors

Acoustic, insulating and safer entry doors

Comfort and economy, in addition to security. The aesthetics are also not left out, especially with the use of aluminum. Presentation of the main trends in the front door.

What are the main current trends in terms of entry doors?

Manufacturers develop easy-to-maintain materials such as PVC and especially aluminum, with also good thermal or even acoustic insulation performance. Security is also increasingly taken into account. If these criteria have always been part of the concerns of manufacturers and consumers, they are today more marked because they are part of the current trend of search for comfort and economy. Beyond the ease of maintenance, insulation and security, the aesthetic dimension is decisive. With the rise of aluminum, we see the development of contemporary style doors. Finally, whatever the style, customers are looking for light (with a half-moon window, for example).

What are the different mistakes not to make when buying a front door?

The design of a door can be quite technical but does not pose major constraints. Only the installation is a little complex, which supposes to be particularly rigorous for the measurement of the dimensions.

Can we combine a gateway with respect for the environment?

Wood remains the predominant material on the market and we are starting to see the FSC label appear for wooden doors. But it is above all the thermal performance which is part of the environmental concerns since it directly impacts energy consumption. Indeed, the goal of insulating doors is to reduce heat loss and therefore heating consumption.