My little carpet corner

My little carpet corner

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Customizable, in tiles or strip, the carpet can give a space its function. Carpeting trends seen by a professional from the French Union of Carpets and Rugs. Interview by Caroline Rochewsky

1-Why does the carpet return to the front of the stage?

Today's carpets adapt to current trends and decoration trends with a lot of creativity and originality. The pistachio green, chocolate or orange colors bear witness to this. There are also looped carpets to order in the dimensions of your room with the loop of your choice. Manufacturers are increasingly working with creators and designers to find new designs, patterns, textures and even colors.

2-What are its new assets to convince?

The carpet is decoration in freedom! It is one of the design elements that best contributes to fulfilling the desires of all those who aspire to well-being and who wish to create, at home, a personalized ambiance and aesthetic with its innumerable colors and designs, its structures and possible materials. The variety and lively character of carpets, in tiles or tiles, allow fabrics, wallpapers and furnishings to be harmonized better than any other floor covering.

3-What will be the carpet of the future?

The carpet evolves in terms of fibers and manufacturing for greater creativity and a rise in product quality.

4-How do you think the carpet market will evolve in the coming years?

The years of comfort, cocooning, come back and the carpets respond to this search for well-being, warmth, comfort. The "shaggy" carpet will continue to develop to show us new silky fibers.


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