A corner of nature in your interior

A corner of nature in your interior

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For all those who do not have a garden or those who cannot do without a little corner of nature: the new collection of Nature and Discoveries is made for you! The garden enters the house and the decor is vegetated. A decorative watering can (19.95 euros), a green setting (24.90 euros), a planting table (29.90 euros), a green plan as a centerpiece (19.95 euros): put yourself in the "green" decor. Cultivate your mini vegetable garden in your kitchen with the crate of small organic vegetables (17.95 euros) and pick your vegetables before eating. Finally to initiate the little ones, dinettes are pretty little containers to learn how to cultivate your first little garden. So you will see tomatoes and basil growing in a mini casserole dish (17.95 euros) and watercress in a pie pan (6.95 euros). > More info


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