Disability: develop a custom motorized kitchen

Disability: develop a custom motorized kitchen

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Because it is not always easy to maintain autonomy when you are disabled, EuroCuisine makes kitchens accessible to everyone! Robert Jung, the designer of Handi-comfort, was a monitor in a work assistance center (CAT). He encountered many times on his way, people with reduced mobility who told him about their difficulties. Being disabled himself, he understands better than anyone how difficult it is to reach the bottom of a tall kitchen unit or to cook at a comfortable height, even for people in wheelchairs. To facilitate access to the kitchen for people with reduced mobility, Eurocuisine confort and the Handi confort label have designed motorized kitchens. This device allows easier access to the different positions in the kitchen: the oven is lower, the storage elements rotate for better access to the bottom, access to the hob is adjustable ... It is of course possible to adapt all of these modules for all kitchen models offered by Eurocuisine Confort. > More info: [email protected]


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