The new linens: vibrant colors and metallic materials

The new linens: vibrant colors and metallic materials

By its somewhat raw but sensual appearance, its dry and soft touch at the same time, its crumpled full of life, linen finds its place in the decor. Traditionally declined for household linen, it now finds more innovative applications in decorative objects and is available in vibrant colors.

Linen, a natural material for household linen

Linen, a natural material both by its composition and by its color, is present in many of our interiors for its timeless qualities: symbol of a timeless and chic decor, without being pretentious, it is often found in household linen like tablecloths, duvet covers or curtains. Alexandre Turpault for example has made quality linen his specialty. Less frequent and yet very effective, linen also ensures optimum wiping of the glasses when it is clothed!

Linen is now available in bright colors

In terms of colors, we gladly use it in its natural color, a slightly muted beige, which moreover has become a generic name: the color "linen". But it also captures the dye very well (which avoids having to use too much), providing colors with a very particular personality. At Elitis, for example, linen fabrics are available in very trendy strong colors, particularly in sofas. Only the very black black is a shade difficult to obtain.

Linen objects and furniture

In terms of texture, today we find linen mesh, airy and shiny, which has the advantage of not wrinkling. It is ideal for sheer curtains with a pretty rough appearance. There are also metallic bed linen (Maison de Vacances) and even twisted linen throws (Libecco Home). Finally, on the innovation side, linen is also available in custom rugs (Secrets of Linen) and even in lighting thanks to linen paper (La Font du Ciel). Coup de Chapeau to François Azembourg, designer Meuble Paris 2009, who declines linen in chairs and armchair with his linen collection 94.