Home fragrances: take your precautions!

Home fragrances: take your precautions!

Home fragrances bring an identity to your home by giving it a smell that you choose. However, this kind of perfume is not always beneficial to your well-being. A study carried out by UFC that choose in 2004, shows that these perfumes pollute your interior by propagating volatile organic compounds (VOC). VOCs are small, easily inhaled particles that are potentially irritating, allergenic and carcinogenic. So to protect yourself as much as possible, do not choose any room fragrance.


Beware of these room fragrances which release a lot of VOCs. Their tiny droplets are in fact easily inhaled by users.

Electric diffusers

This type of diffuser spreads a lot of VOCs. In addition, by dint of smelling the same perfume you end up not smelling it.

Combustible scents

Incense or candle-type combustion often releases carcinogenic VOCs and fine particles that saturate the air.

What to choose ?

So prefer natural interior fragrances without combustion, essential oils in spray, natural diffusers or vaporizers without propellant gas. Above all, do not neglect the ventilation of your rooms.