A total house recovered at the Planète durable fair

A total house recovered at the Planète durable fair

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A strong point of the Planète Durable fair which takes place until April 5, the Maison de Cèdre is a round wooden house fully furnished with recycled furniture and accessories. So many ideas to get inspired at home. La Maison de Cèdre is a very round wooden house. Specially "eco-decorated" for the Planète Durable lounge, it revolves around a dining room, a lounge and an office area. Furniture and accessories are designed with recycled materials, paper, metal or even newspapers and of course with natural and renewable materials, such as bamboo and untreated wood. In terms of colors, they are those of nature: a tender green and a deep brown, up to the plant which occupies a large place in this very natural house, on tables as on walls. Here are some ideas for having a very eco-friendly decor too: - For the dining room, we choose a reclaimed wood table from Jardin d'Ulysse. - In terms of tableware, we prefer bamboo, with lacquered bamboo bowls and salad bowls from Ekobo. - For light, opt for paper with Céline Wright's creations made by hand. - For storage, we choose the old metal locker rooms at Carouche, a flea market specializing in industrial furniture and the diversion of objects. - We give an important place to the vegetation with the floral compositions of the Dutch Flower Office and we prefer green and white. - For textiles, linen is king, in windows, tablecloths or table runners with fluid creations from Métaphore.


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