5 ideas for a winter wedding decor

5 ideas for a winter wedding decor

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The wedding season often takes place from June to September. However, you can play the originality card by getting married in winter or spring. During this period, the procedures were quicker and on the decorative side, quite suitable for organizing an atmosphere worthy of a fairytale decor. Your color code Your flagship color will obviously be white! Then associate it with blue. The ultimate cold color, blue will further accentuate the glossy effect of your decor. On the contrary, if you want to warm the white, bet instead on a so-called warm color. Pink will be ideal! So these shades will materialize in small touches on candles, towels, flowers, your bouquet ... and above all do not scatter and stay well on this duo of shades: white / pink or white / blue!

A worked light atmosphere
Dramatize your light ambiance by using light spots that you cover with a pink or blue filter called "gelatin". Place your spots on the floor in each corner of your room and orient them upwards. Your wall will light up with a soft pink or bluish tint for a very successful decor effect! The softness of hot materials To avoid "freezing" your atmosphere, bring in soft materials. For example, for a so chic igloo atmosphere, have white sheepskin rugs on the chairs! Add to that a touch of refinement and elegance by putting on candlesticks, candle jars, centerpieces of garlands in white feathers.

The magic of candles
What would a wedding be without candles? So do not hesitate to make hundreds of candles glitter in abundance: on tables, window sills, steps of the front steps… And like a winter it gets dark very early you can also use LEDs that stick a little all over. They diffuse a slightly bluish light and they offer the advantage of lighting for hundreds of hours! An original animation You can hire the services of an ice sculptor. During 1h30, he sculpts the ice to make a shape to your liking. Then for about 10 hours her creation will sparkle with a thousand shards, before it completely melts. An animation that is both original and decorative, for an ephemeral sculpture of the greatest effect! And discover the interview with two of the creators of the event agency Histoires Desires. Wish stories is the story of three creators who created their event organization company in 2006. Together, they organize weddings, birthdays, engagements, baptisms so that these unique moments are unforgettable and celebrated with dignity. Listening to you, they advise you, orchestrate and resolve the various little problems… in short, they take care of everything, so that everything is perfect on D-Day! > More info on Wish stories Crystal group Ice sculpture: Music: Simon Couderc & Yohan Couderc


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