Personalized service to design your kitchen

Personalized service to design your kitchen

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When you don't feel able to design your own kitchen with software or you don't have the time or the desire, it is now possible to hire an independent kitchen designer. This is the service offered by Frédéric Tranchant of FT Design.

What sets you apart from another kitchen designer?

First of all, I am an interior designer specializing in kitchens, with training as a designer. I am not a salesperson. I am completely independent and do not receive any commission on the kitchen that the client will order next. I work in partnership with Ikea Vélizy, whose products I know perfectly, but I sometimes design kitchens of other brands when asked.

What service do you offer specifically?

I travel with people, mainly in Paris and the Paris region. I can sometimes go to the provinces if a client is really motivated and is ready to cover my costs. I spend about 4 hours on the client. I begin by analyzing the accommodation as a whole. I take all the dimensions of the kitchen and I check the electrical arrivals and the water arrivals. Then I ask questions about the way of life of the home: Are the residents tenants or owners? Do they all have the same hours? How do they cook? Are there children? Etc. I'm here to put on paper what people have in mind and provide advice and tips so that they ultimately have a cuisine that resembles them and that is easy to live with. I can advise them to shift a piece of furniture to better open a window, to prevent them from making a mistake by putting a sliding cupboard under an induction hob ... I work the old fashioned way, by hand. I first design the kitchen on graph paper where I indicate each piece of furniture with its reference. Then I take out my drawing paper and I draw the kitchen in 3D from different angles, with maximum detail so that the customer can visualize his kitchen. I only leave when the client is satisfied with my proposal. If necessary, in the following days, he can call me so that I can make changes to the project. When I leave the client, I go to Ikea where I have the costing done, which is emailed to the client the same evening or at worst the next day. With the technical plan, the drawing and the quote, the customer only has to go to Ikea to transform the quote into a goods withdrawal or have it delivered.

What is the price of your service?

It varies depending on the surface of the room. For a kitchen of less than 6 m², it's 249 €. From 6 to 12 m², it costs € 299. And beyond 12 m², it will cost the customer € 329.

Who is this service for?

Especially to those who have a quirky kitchen, with not very straight walls and a limited surface, where to arrange a kitchen seems to be an impossible mission. And then to people who don't have the time or the desire to bother cooking on the computer. There are also those who are not comfortable with software. Finally, there are good dealers who renovate housing before reselling it and even architects but who do not feel competent to design a kitchen.

Do other kitchen designers offer the same service?

To my knowledge no. It was I who imagined the concept and I proposed it to Ikea Cuisines. It works very well and Ikea France is now thinking of generalizing this service in all stores. FT Design Frédéric Tranchant 06 19 92 11 01