When home staging revisits the kitchen

When home staging revisits the kitchen

The reputation of home staging is well established. A technique popularized by TV shows, home staging consists of renovating or redeveloping real estate to bring it up to date before selling or renting it. But no need for real estate transactions to get started! With a few tips and a little imagination, home staging breathes fresh air into your home. The good news ? Home staging is ultra economical! And to get started, the kitchen is the ideal place. So, discover without delay, all our advice to revisit your kitchen thanks to home staging!

1. Revitalize the kitchen with paint

© Tired of your cooking? Start by reviewing the dominant colors. Since this is the first thing you see when you enter a room, painting plays an essential role in the visual aspect of the kitchen. Choose warm colors (yellow, red…) to bring dynamism and conviviality, intense colors for a cuisine of character and prefer soft and pastel colors (water green, sky blue…) for a neutral and soothing atmosphere. If it is your furniture that gives you the cockroach, you can also paint it. If you have a dining area, for example, you can have fun painting the legs of the table or the chairs. And because the trend is mismatched, do not hesitate to paint them in different tones. Above all, choose a special renovation paint and prepare your support before applying it. Same thing for your household appliances. Refrigerators and washing machines can also be revamped with a few brushstrokes and a little elbow grease. You will understand, the paint is ideal to give a boost to the kitchen without piercing your wallet. It would be a shame to deprive yourself of it, wouldn't it?

2. Refresh the flooring

© Saint-Maclou After repainting the walls, we tackle the ground! If you are tired of your old tiles, know that it is possible to refresh your floor even when you are on a low budget. The most economical option is PVC or laminate floors. And beyond the price, these types of flooring have the advantage of adapting to all decorative styles. And for good reason, you can choose models imitation parquet, concrete, marble, cement tiles ... Our decorative advice for open kitchens: there is nothing like using different floor coverings in the kitchen and dining area to delimit spaces. We often tend to believe that the same coating covering the floor of these two rooms gives the impression of a larger space. However, this tip can make your open kitchen look quite different. We imagine, for example, a dining room with a parquet floor and a central island surrounded by cement tiles to delimit the kitchen area.

3. Offer a makeover to the furniture (without paint)

Don't you want (or patience) to paint your kitchen furniture? There are still solutions to dress them up cheaply! Self-adhesive vinyls, adhesive coverings and decorative stickers can be alternatives if the fronts of your furniture are flat. And it is not the choice that is lacking in patterns and prints. We are thinking in particular of adhesives from the Like a color brand. If you have a dresser, sideboard or shelves, you can also customize them using masking tape or wallpaper. A detail that makes the difference: sometimes everything is enough to change everything. To rejuvenate your kitchen on a small budget, consider changing the handles of your cupboards! It is a very simple trick but which, believe us, has its most beautiful effect.

4. Give the splashback a facelift

© Leroy Merlin The credenza is not only intended to protect the walls from projections, it is also the one that gives the look to the kitchen. And once again, the possibilities are numerous… Opt for simplicity with special paint or resin. Choose laminate panels or wood to bring authenticity and warmth to the room. Prefer a stainless steel plate for a more industrial result. Cement tile effect stickers (much cheaper than real tiles) will cause a sensation with lovers of retro decor. Finally, if you like the friendly and family spirit of country kitchens, think of a slate credenza to write down the dish of the day, the shopping list or the schedule for the week!

5. Play on the details

© int2architecture To revisit your kitchen without overdoing it, focus on the details. Just like the cupboard handles, you can change the taps! If for many, this is not a priority, the taps are nevertheless the final touch of a well-equipped kitchen. And when it looks a bit dated, the kitchen is immediately more neglected. So, take advantage of your makeover mission to choose a brand new faucet! All you have to do is look after the decoration of your kitchen. Sort out the superfluous and optimize your storage with baskets, wooden crates or wall grilles. Display your utensils and display your best dishes on the shelves. Line up hanging lamps above the bar and all you have to do is enjoy your new cuisine! Whether your goal is to sell your house or simply to revamp this room, you have proof that with a few tips and a little imagination, it is possible to revisit the kitchen. And who knows, this may make you want to continue your mission in the other rooms of the house…