The Red Ants Cabin Bed

The Red Ants Cabin Bed

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The creator of "Red Ants" thought of parents who had trouble sleeping their children. Know that this time is over, since with the new cabin bed, going to bed becomes a real moment of pleasure. And when it's green, why deprive yourself! The cabin bed of the "Red Ants" is designed in an ecological way. Made of E1 certified laminated wood, which corresponds to the highest quality level available on the market, it comes from forests managed properly and responsibly. It mounts in minutes without glue, screws or tools. It is enough to nest the elements one on the other and to block them using small wooden battens. Practical with its platform / terrace, it will stimulate the imagination of children. Dimensions: 200 x 80 x 102 cm high, you can also add a drawer to store small items. It is available in 3 finishing styles: natural oil, orange, yellow or red to harmonize with any decor. Sold from 610 euros, it will be a sensation in the children's room! Website:


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