Choosing the right colors for a successful decor

Choosing the right colors for a successful decor

Choice of paint or wallpaper; finding colors that blend well can be a real dilemma… To avoid hesitation and easily find color combinations that blend well, learn to use the color wheel!

Primary, secondary or tertiary?

Before delving more into the Art of matching colors together, it is better to know them. Bases of all shades, first come the primary colors: yellow, red and blue. Their central place in the color wheel make them essential tones. Then coming from the primary colors come the secondary colors. They are the result of the mixture of two primary colors. Orange for example results from the mixture of yellow and red. Finally, the tertiary colors born from the mixture of a primary color with a neighboring secondary color on the chromatic circle.

Possible combinations

To match the colors on your walls or on your furniture, several classic combinations are possible. -the complementary colors : These are diametrically opposite colors on the color wheel, which complement each other well. making them rub shoulders in a room has an effect of fullness ... at the risk of sometimes imposing an overly marked atmosphere. -lined complementary colors : It is a batch of three colors: A color doubled of the two direct neighbors of its complementary. This combination creates a contrasting decoration. -the triads of colors : These are three colors evenly spaced on the color wheel so as to form an equilateral triangle. Effect obtained: a balanced decoration. -the tetrads : It is a batch of colors obtained by placing a square on the color wheel. x -redoubled complementary colors : Ideal for a balanced decoration, these are two colors which are close to an initial color and the complementary ones which correspond to them. However, be careful not to overload your interior, beyond three colors, your interior may appear overloaded. > More info on: