Embedding a spot on the ceiling

Embedding a spot on the ceiling

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Whether low voltage, 12 V, or powered by 220 V, recessed spotlights have the advantage of being discreet and of perfectly integrating the lighting of a place with its architecture. Appeared with false ceilings, the spots continue to miniaturize, especially since the arrival of very low voltage.

The step by step


You have chosen your very low voltage spots, here is how to install them. 1 Taking into account the desired lighting and the power of the spots, trace on the ceiling, in pencil, a more or less loose mesh to arrange the spots. 2 To avoid light leakage around the spot, it is imperative to drill the false ceiling with a hole saw perfectly sharp and precisely to the inside diameter of the spot. You can also add a flange between the ceiling and the lamp holder, which does not modify the light function, but moves the lamp away from the edge, thus avoiding any risk of overheating. 3 Connect the power wires from your electrical circuit to the input of the transformer. 4 Connect the wires from the socket of your spot on the output of the transformer. 5 You can then carefully thread the transformer into the hole and place it on the false ceiling, above the plasterboard. 6 Make all your paint finishes before fixing the spot in the hole. They are generally equipped with a clip system which holds them very simply. 7 Insert the halogen bulb in the socket and reconnect the electrical circuit to test your new installation. For this, obviously wait until the paint or finish of your ceiling is completely dry to avoid short circuits due to humidity. 8 Logically, the installation of spotlights goes hand in hand with the construction of a false ceiling ... If you want to install spots on an already existing false ceiling, you will therefore need to bring electricity under a rod around the ceiling and make a small discreet opening to be able to pass the wires over the false ceiling using a fairly rigid piece of cable. Work in pairs ; after having pierced the location of future spots with a hole saw, you will gently slide the wires ... It's a bit long, but it works!

The pro's advice

As with all lights, first determine the lighting you want before choosing the right spot and the right lamp. In fact, next to the completely fixed spots, you will find adjustable, telescopic spots, with or without a diffusion effect, with or without a reflector… Please note that the installation of recessed spots requires a space of at least 10 cm between the "real" and the false ceiling and that, if you opt for very low voltage spotlights, you will have to plan the installation of the transformers directly in the false ceiling, which must, in the event of a breakdown - always possible - remain easily accessible . Also, don't forget to equip your spots with a dimmer which provides very significant user comfort. Know-how - home decor © La maison rustique - éditions Flammarion, 2006