20 essential Ikea gifts for Christmas

20 essential Ikea gifts for Christmas

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Take inspiration from the traditions of this country to celebrate Christmas! To start, don't say "Merry Christmas" anymore but "God Jul" because over there Santa Claus is called Jul Tomte. Decoration and gifts are inspired by Swedish folklore to spend a more than warm Christmas. Here are some gift ideas to take from Ikea's hood:

Gifts under 20 euros

As for the low prices, think of the festive decorations that feature the Scandinavian motifs: candles (3.50 euros), Christmas balls (7.99 euros). The household linen will also be very appreciated with cushions (9.99 euros) and bed linen (17.95 euros) nicely decorated with red hearts for a warmest party.

Gifts from 20 euros

With a slightly larger budget, sheepskin (35 euros) will make an impression when gifts are opened. In terms of bright colors to wait until next season, canapés (194 euros), lounge chairs (99.50 euros) are adorned with pop colors for a vitamin-filled winter!