Stickers: the new decor from Paristic

Stickers: the new decor from Paristic

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The stickers are now an essential accessory of the decoration but it is not always easy to find something really original. Paristic, a company of urban stickers born in 2007, constantly offers new collections imagined by new designers for ever more freshness. Among the novelties, the collections of Hilton McConnico and Rezine particularly attracted our attention:

Letters and Words by Hiton McConnico

Designer Hilton McConnico plays with letters to form one-of-a-kind stickers. For the designer, "letters are more than just signs" so he likes to give them character. The kitchen C becomes a "measuring instrument" between teaspoon and tablespoon or the R of nothing turns into "need for R" or "false R". The stickers become playful and subtle word games. The collection also presents sentences to install on your walls like "The walls are not made to write on it". (From 39 euros)

Graffiti by Rezine

Rezine offers for Paristic, a collection of stickers treated in calligraffiti, style mixing the art of calligraphy and graffiti for a unique visual effect. This Light Graffiti pioneer installs "Abécédaire" and other "Visual architecture" in your interior for a style that is both poetic and graphic. (From 29 euros) Note that all the stickers are available in 17 colors, most of them in two sizes (small, medium or large). > More info on