30 convertible sofas for less than 500 euros

30 convertible sofas for less than 500 euros

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Indispensable, the sofa is the central part of the living room. We choose it with care, and when we live in a small space or a studio, it is ideally convertible. More expensive than a fixed sofa, it has the advantage of offering many combinations thanks to its different opening systems. The convertible sofa remains the ideal solution for arranging a small space, especially when you know that a double bed alone occupies almost 4 m²! As far as comfort is concerned, there has been progress: the convertibles offer real mattresses, on slatted bases with the possibility of sleeping up to 180 cm at some manufacturers! The convertible sofas are divided into two categories: the convertible which deploys thanks to a mechanism and the benches whose mattress constitutes the seat. 3 mechanisms for the convertibles: the 3-ply system with mattress 7 cm thick, 2-ply with a mattress 10 to 12 cm thick and finally the Lampolet, the best, which allows you to unfold the bed using of a handful. Sleeping is often of excellent quality. For the benches, we are dealing with a click clack or the BZ: in the first, we sleep parallel to the wall, in the second, which takes up more space, we sleep with our heads perpendicular to the wall. For the fitting out of a studio, we will therefore prefer the sofa bed, which offers a significant gain in space at the opening. Decorative ideas, photos and advice around the sofa: How to choose your sofa, mistakes to avoid and choice of cushions.


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