Gabrielle's glamorous bedroom

Gabrielle's glamorous bedroom

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Ah Gabrielle, so glamorous and so superficial! The bubbly little Desperate brunette is an ex-model so attached to her appearance that she refuses motherhood (in the first seasons of the series) for fear of getting fat. It says a lot about his priorities! Materialist, appreciating luxury, Gaby's house, as an extension of his physical appearance, is in his image: sophisticated, girly and a bit ostentatious ... The main thing, of course, being that aesthetic rendering takes precedence over the rest! And if we too, we had a little Gaby side well assumed? We would recreate the girly atmosphere at home!

For an "Gaby Interior" atmosphere in your room

Choose some furniture with rounded shapes. First of all, a dressing table, just to take a regular look at your appearance. A round and shiny dresser like a precious metal will be a setting worthy of your refined lingerie! In terms of materials, favor softness. And to attract your Carlos to the bed, have some pretty imitation fur cushions on it. And on the floor, a soft and comfortable carpet will be essential to welcome your bruised feet after an exhausting day of shopping! What fully assume its superficial and glamorous side! Come on, nobody is perfect ...