How to choose an ecological refrigerator?

How to choose an ecological refrigerator?

Like many household appliances, refrigerators go green! But not easy to navigate among the multitude of ecological characteristics and options. Here are tips for choosing the right refrigerator for your real needs and its impact on the environment.

The capacity

No need to have a refrigerator with a capacity of 300 liters if you are two users. Know that it is necessary to count at least 100 liters for one person then around 50 liters per person additional. A capacity of approximately 250 liters for a household of 4 people.

The energy class

Choose class A, which consumes less energy than the others. Knowing that A + and A ++ are even less energy consuming … A household appliance with an energy rating of A or A + consumes on average 20% less than another appliance. For example, on the basis of 1 kWh = 0.11 euros, the consumption of a class E freezer would be 77 € / year compared to € 28.60 / year for a class A ++ device.

Combined refrigerator?

Better to buy a refrigerator and a freezer which makes it possible to place the latter in a cold or unheated room and to save energy. For the freezer, prefer a chest model to a cabinet model (they would consume 15 to 25% less). If your preference is still for handsets, choose a double compressor model , allowing the thermostats to be adjusted separately.

The labels

The European ecological label represented by a flower guaranteed inter alia that the refrigerants (those which produce the cold in the refrigerating circuit) and the foaming agents used for the insulation of the apparatus cannot contribute to the destruction of the layer of ozone.

Refrigerant gases

Gases can help destroy the Ozone layer. It is therefore necessary to prefer non-impacting gases such as the isobutane . Avoid: HFCs and HCFCs which contribute to the greenhouse effect.

The model to avoid ...

The American fridge! Like the big American cars, the American fridge consumes a lot… Not very ecological! And once you have found THE ecological refrigerator that suits you, don't forget to use it ecologically!