Add a garage to your house

Add a garage to your house

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That's it, you have finally acquired the house of your dreams. Only problem: there is no garage. Here are three key steps to carefully plan your expansion project.

First step: calculate the surface area of ​​the future garage

The uses of a garage can be multiple: simple shelter for one or two cars, DIY workshop, storage space ... Before you start making your plans, or even contact a professional for a quote, you should clarify your needs. Depending on the daily functions of your garage, the dimensions - and therefore the budget - vary. The surface of a garage often revolves around 18 m2 (6 meters long by 3 wide). But if in doubt, better plan a little bigger ...

Second step: comply with the regulations in force

Before getting started, you must inquire with the services of your town hall to find out about all the easements in the vicinity and the rules applicable to your plot: building zones or not, possibilities of setting up in relation to the street and in relation to the dividing limits of separation to be respected between two non-contiguous buildings… But, in general, the formalities which you will have to discharge depend above all on the surface allocated to your future garage: - for a garage of less than 20 m2 SHOB (gross surface area), it is enough to fill a preliminary declaration of work. Obtaining time: two months. - for a garage of more than 20 m2, an application for a building permit must be submitted. Obtaining time: three months. In case of refusal, it is possible to initiate an appeal. Or, more simply, to modify your project before making a second attempt. We can also agree with our neighbor to bypass certain regulations, for example to build two adjoining garages, straddling the two lots.

Third step: build a room in harmony with the existing building

Whether it is attached to your property or detached, your garage must not detonate, in your property as in your neighborhood. Its finishes and its architecture (roof, color of the exterior covering, etc.) must match the look of your house to become, later, a real plus for resale. Also be careful to properly connect your garage: an authorization for connections (water and electricity) may sometimes be necessary. To obtain the forms to be completed online: //