Opinel launches into kitchen knives

Opinel launches into kitchen knives

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The famous pocket Opinel, born at the end of the 19th century, offers a range of kitchen knives to the delight of lovers of this symbol of French culture. Opinel has developed the Intempora collection, a range of knives designed for an easy-going, simple and uninhibited kitchen. Intempora aims to be a symbol of the right balance between design and authenticity. Thus the kitchen knives keep the contoured shape of the pocket knife but abandon the traditional wood for a black handle resistant to water and more design. With always the ancestral know-how at the service of the tools best suited to the use, this Opinel "large format" is equipped with a steel which guarantees a perfect quality of the cutting edge.

The range consists of 6 knives:

Multi-purpose chef's knife: to cut, chop, mince (50 euros) Multi-purpose Santoku knife: to mince, cut, cut (50 euros) Tapered knife: to prepare fish (40 euros) Meat & poultry knife: for boning, denerving meat and poultry (40 euros) Carving knife: for cutting meat, slicing fruits and vegetables (40 euros) Carpaccio knife: for cutting into thin slices (45 euros)> More info on www.opinel .com