A dripping decoration!

A dripping decoration!

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A table that seems to melt or a plate tinged with a pattern of melting chocolate, here are the objects creating the "dripping" trend. As if it had been frozen in time, the dripping decor brings a playful and sometimes designer side to the house. There are two types of objects in this trend: objects on which a substance is based (like Ich & Kar plates and their chocolate), or the objects that found themselves . In the first category, several themes are developed. The designers Ich & Kar, decline the decor dripping under the chocolate theme . At the request of an English restaurant, Ich & Kar created boxes in 2005 whose brown patterns evoke flowing chocolate. "It was in a resolutely greedy spirit" explains Héléna, one of the creators. Then in 2007, Ich & Kar offered plates with the chocolate coulure motif on the same theme. The latest creation is the chocolate sticker offered since 2008, which can be stuck on a wall or on a chair for example. always in food , Manta design offers an amazing combination: a trash bag representing a pudding. The white coating of the pudding seems to flow onto the trash bag, which becomes much more attractive! Painting is also a field of investigation for creators. Playful thanks to crisp and colorful lines which are far from disgusting , these patterns are found in several brands. At Amadeus, the 2010 collection offers a small pouffe called "paint bucket" with a fuchsia pink motif. At Fleux, the "Goutte" coat hook is available in nine different colors including fuchsia, yellow or green. Leroy Merlin offers coordinated "paint bucket" paintings and stickers. On the painting, an overturned can of paint is represented. The sticker representing the flowing paint sticks to the wall and the floor in continuity with the painting, so that the illusion is perfect! Even more extravagant, the Japanese creators of Kyouei Design imagine in 2008 lamps dripping from inside their lampshades (photo above). White or red, they exist as a table or wall lamp. To note lamps with red streaks that seem to bleed ... Finally, some designers create objects that seem to melt themselves . In this spirit, John Nouanesing created in 2007 the table " Paint it or die

but love me ". Quite astonishing, this table is made of steel covered with glossy acrylic. Composed of four feet similar to drips of paint, the table seems to be levitating above the ground ...,"It speaks of love, hate, passion and suffering. In fact, it is an object that needs to be loved"explains John Nouanesing. An extravagant and non-messy decor that has the merit of not going unnoticed!


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