Our selection of ecological bathroom linen

Our selection of ecological bathroom linen

Good for the planet and good for the skin, ecological bathroom linen is becoming a trendy product for the year 2010. Focus on new textiles that make toilet more responsible. Ecological bathroom linen covers many different textiles. Textile creators are constantly innovating in terms of ecological materials with plant-based textiles that integrate into our daily lives.

Soy fiber-based textiles

Launched by Casa, terry towels made from natural soybean fibers have great absorbency. This textile is an ideal candidate to replace synthetic fibers. The soy fibers are spun, then dyed in Belgium with natural peppers.

Organic cotton

Cotton is the most widely consumed natural fiber in the world. Organic cotton is grown organically, without chemicals or pesticides. Its organic production is therefore harmless to the surrounding species.

Bamboo fiber textile

Bamboo, already very present in the decor, now invests in textiles. These biodegradable fibers are very absorbent, anti UV and antibacterial. The ecological advantage is above all its origin from a natural and renewable source which requires no chemicals. Discover our selection of ecological bathroom linen: