A country style lounge for 350 Euros

A country style lounge for 350 Euros

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Do you dream of transforming your stay into a comfortable and retro farm room? With a few well-chosen accessories and furniture, this project is easy and affordable. Demonstration.

Choosing the right fabrics

For a country touch in your living room, it is important to choose textiles that are reminiscent of those of old family houses: mattress canvas, linen, check prints, burlap ... The curtains, cushions and throws thus echo the charm of habitats of yesteryear.

Small furniture in the spotlight

No need to invest in large, often expensive furniture; a pedestal table a coffee table or a rustic style chiffonnier create the atmosphere! We complete with judiciously chosen accessories that we find in specialist country style stores (Comptoir de famille, Intérior's, Du Bout du Monde, Athezza, Jardin d'Ulysse…).

Crafts furniture and old tools

We run to bargain-hunt at Emmaüs or in the empty attics in search of the rare, patinated and authentic pearl, which gives the little extra soul to your stay. The draper's table turns into a console, a zinc basin becomes a planter for the ficus tree and the grocer's furniture finds a second youth in the form of a chest of drawers! It's all a question of imagination and creativity… If browsing the flea markets is not easy for you, we have selected small pieces of furniture and accessories to redecorate your living room with 350 Euros in your pocket. Good shopping !