My decor goes to summer time thanks to the dye!

My decor goes to summer time thanks to the dye!

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Thanks to dyeing, you not only revive your fabrics but you give them a completely different color and create a radical change in your interior at a lower cost. A small box is enough to blow a new decorative wind into your interior. Ideal for all seasonal decorations!

Liquid dye

We knew it in powder, here is the liquid tincture. It is the dye specialist, Idéal Couleurs, which offers this new version for cotton, linen, silk and viscose. 27 shades in total, vitamin, muted or pastel, enriched with three new ones: lemon yellow, mint green and taupe. Enough to create color combinations in contrast or shades of your choice. The living room curtains, the cushion covers, the plaids, the sun loungers, the bath towels, everything goes in, to create a whole new atmosphere at home without having to buy anything.

Machine dye

You place the open trays of Idéal tinctures directly in your drum, you add 500 g of fine salt and your wet cloth is well spread out. If the fabric is new, it is best to wash it beforehand. Start your program at 40 ° in long cycle; once finished, remove the trays, and restart a 40 ° wash cycle. All you have to do is dry, out of the sun or tumble dry. > more info on www.ideal.fr


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