Michael Jackson's furniture on sale

Michael Jackson's furniture on sale

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June 25, 2010 takes place an exceptional auction which will disperse objects that belonged to the biggest names in music and among them Michael Jackson. The sale which takes place in Las Vegas will offer personal effects of the star like his costumes, but also furniture custom made to furnish the residence that the singer was to occupy during his series of concerts in London. This will be an opportunity for fans to acquire exceptional furniture to recreate an interior in the image of their idol ... but be careful because the starting prices are very high and should go up considerably during the sale. We can therefore acquire a collection of twenty-two pieces of furniture whose prices vary from 16,500 to 150,000 dollars. For those who cannot therefore afford one of these pieces, you can always take inspiration from the eccentric style of the star and try to find pieces that look like them unless you embark on customization. Anyway, keep an eye out for the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas hotel and casino on June 25.


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