5 essentials for a successful garden party

5 essentials for a successful garden party

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Party, picnic, aperitif, pool party ... These are terms that come up every summer if you are looking for a little fun to punctuate the holidays (or weekends). Enjoy the beautiful days, welcome friends, sympathize with the neighbors, eat on the terrace ... We appreciate that the days are longer to create convivial moments of which we will keep precious memories. What if we organized a garden party this time? What are the details to remember for a successful event? Tips and ideas.

1. An atmosphere that suits you

© Toulevents For a garden party in your image, nothing better than a well-chosen theme! Will we be seduced byquirky spirit and the sweetness of tropical style ? A few inflatable flamingos in the pool, lots of exotic fruit, the soft music of the ukuleles ... Are you there? But we can also prefer an atmosphere more rural, with a vintage theme. Garlands of pennants in flowery liberty, old suitcases, straw bales as benches… And voila ! But there is no shortage of ideas in terms of themes: bohemian chic, ethnic, zen, romantic… We can also opt for a very visual color theme. The same goes for the dress code: it can be linked to or contrasted with the decor. And if the urge to laugh tarts us, why not offer a disguised party? If the reception area is full of corners, we think of the solution of directional signs. Convenient to indicate the toilets, the buffet, the photo corner or the beer bar ...

2. Gourmet and original dishes

© freestockcenter As you can imagine, the content of the buffet is of paramount importance. Because even if our guests come first to see us, it is clear that they are generally fond of good food. But today, there is no question of spending hours behind the stove! We prepare a maximum of things in advance, in order to be relaxed on D-day. mini kebabs, cold cuts, toast to anything that can please ... In verrines, we innovate: vegetable soup, quinoa salad, two salmon tartare… We try daring combinations (but that work): orange-carrot, mango-basil, pineapple-curry, cheese-grape ... At the presentation level, we choose pretty plates on the floor, slates or wooden trays. For a lighter version, we provide a large basket of vegetables to dip in a yogurt sauce. Carrots, radishes, cherry tomatoes and cucumber will delight those who wish to master their figure.

© Finally, on another table, in the shade, we lay our “Sweet table” (sweet buffet). Fruit skewers for the wiser, pastries for the more gourmet! Sweet, sweet tartlets, desserts, cupcakes, homemade shortbread… Finally, the height of indulgence, we think of sweets that will delight the taste buds of small and large children! Arranged in pretty jars or candy jars, they will also be a feast for the eyes. At the drink level, a few cocktails in pretty salad bowls or canisters will refresh the guests. You can also offer a refreshing lemonade, which can be enjoyed in the height of summer. And for beers, ciders and other bottles, a zinc bowl or an old wheelbarrow loaded with ice cubes will do the trick. We do not say no to some zest of originality!

3. A beautiful musical atmosphere

So that the party is in full swing, we look at the musical atmosphere. Rather tubes of the 80s, rocker of the sixties, or fan of classical music? In association with a vintage theme, we opt for a rock cover band. What could be better than a Beatles title or a good Elvis Presley for a few dance steps? Otherwise we can also quite bring out our turntable. But the fact of bringing a group is always a success. Whether it's a capella singers, a disc jockey or a true brass band, you can bet that the guests will be seduced. And why not a solo musician? An accordionist, a saxophonist, or even a grand piano placed in the middle of the garden ... Originality 100% guaranteed! For the more adventurous, we don't hesitate to offer karaoke! A large white sheet stretched between two trees to project the lyrics, a microphone to connect and we left for hours of relaxation! Finally, to make the guests dance until the end of the night, nothing beats a good DJ ... So it's up to you.

4.Animation stands

© The success of a garden party depends on several factors: the course of the day, the food, the decoration and the atmosphere. For that we think to plan different stands to entertain our guests. And if we proposed an animation photobooth ? In addition to its recreational and fun aspect, guests will appreciate being able to leave with a photo. Convenient to remember the good times! But we can also opt for other activities: flower bar, tattoo bar or even cigar, there is no shortage of variations! As for children, there is nothing like an angling stand. Finally, we also think of offering games. Pétanque, mölkky, shuffleboard, upset everything, or even giant mikado ... There is no shortage of ideas to create a bond between the guests! Wooden games are now popular and many professionals now offer them for rental. And for a caliente atmosphere, why not organize a small limbo competition? With that, we are sure that you will start a fire!

5.A pretty bright decor

© / CAIAIMAGE What would a garden party be without a adequate light decoration ? In the evening, when the atmosphere is at its peak, we multiply the light points. The must tavern garland, whether white or colored, seduces with its retro charm. Matching lanterns or light letters, that gives a different color to the party! Very fashionable, we can also adopt lightboxes to display messages ... To be strategically placed after dark. For a tropical decor, we love flaming torches like Koh-Lanta. But if it is a must for a successful garden party, it is the candle! Whether it is a tealight, votive or candle, it adds a romantic note to the evening. We slip them into old jars, which we have in accumulation or in the form of a garland hanging on the fence. Subtle, these little flickering touches will bring a lot of charm to the night atmosphere. Two birds with one stone: you choose lemongrass candles to protect yourself from mosquitoes. Finally, there is a nice brazier for the night owls, just to keep the night cool. A few marshmallow skewers and good little plaids, and you will be ready to finish on a delicious note!You are now ready to offer your guests the perfect garden party, so don't wait any longer. On the other hand, your guests may get a taste for it ... We will have warned you!