Aël's garden: unique objects for the home

Aël's garden: unique objects for the home

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The Internet allows you to discover extraordinary designers who offer unique decorative objects. The site is full of unknown treasures. Presentation of one of the creators to discover on the site. The two managers of the site wanted to introduce as many people as possible to the objects they love and to highlight the creators who are dear to them. This is particularly the case of Aël, creator of the "Jardin d'Aël", which is full of imagination and creativity. After a professional retraining, Aël finally finds his way: that of creation. Her works are unique pieces that she creates on demand according to the ideas and tastes of clients. It is this exchange and sharing that particularly appeals to him. She even offers workshops to learn how to create and build cardboard furniture and lamps as she knows how to do it. An armchair, a chest of drawers or a small piece of furniture with drawers… it is up to you to imagine with it the piece of furniture that will make its entry into your interior as a real unique piece. > More info on


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