A flawless green paint

A flawless green paint

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With the regulation of VOC rates for paints since 2010, manufacturers have revised their formulas. But Keim goes further and offers us Optil, a 100% mineral paint. Among the diversity of so-called "ecological" or "natural" paintings, it is not always easy to navigate! Optil paint is mineral and therefore stands out for its binders. If in conventional paints the binders are organic and derived from the chemistry of hydrocarbons, mineral paints have mineral binders, namely lime or silicate . And at Optil, it's silicate! But what are the other benefits of Optil? Optil is the first interior paint to comply with the AFSSET protocol (French Agency for Sanitary Safety of the Environment and Work) and classified A + for its sanitary qualities (the emissions of the 11 risk substances analyzed are below the limit thresholds weaker). VOC levels are 30 to 50 times lower than the AFSSET limit values. Something to cheer on the supporters of a healthy habitat! On the practical side, Optil is a matt, washable and non-combustible paint . Tools are washed with water after application. She is 20 year warranty for UV resistance. And for aesthetics, Optil is available in 300 different shades … Enough to find happiness! For more info : Keim


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