20 kitchen atmospheres for the start of the school year

20 kitchen atmospheres for the start of the school year

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Back to school is synonymous with new desires! Why not take the opportunity to change your kitchen? We offer 20 kitchen atmospheres to inspire you before you start. Whatever your style, there is bound to be a kitchen that suits you:

Colorful kitchen

If you want a little cheerfulness and originality in your home, have fun with the decor of the kitchen. The kitchen designers now offer kitchens in very original colors: apple green, eggplant, orange ... You choose if you only color a few elements or if you bet on a total look.

Kitchen for small spaces

If you do not have a very large kitchen, you can still have a kitchen worthy of the name. At Lapeyre for example, you will find a kitchen that can be integrated into a recess in the wall so as not to lose space.

Tradition-style cuisine

If you prefer a traditional style, choose wood. There are many kitchens that use wood as the main material while combining with modern lines that adapt to contemporary interiors.

Designer kitchen

For lovers of pure lines, designer kitchens oscillate between sobriety and elegance in sober colors like black, gray or white. On the material side, make way for lacquered surfaces and metallic elements! Discover our kitchen ambiances: