20 bathroom atmospheres for the start of the school year

20 bathroom atmospheres for the start of the school year

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A room more and more taken up by designers and creatives, the bathroom has become a real living space. The layout and decoration of this pond are today multiple through the diversity of materials, colors and shapes offered. For this fall 2010, here are the main trends that emerge from the bathrooms on offer.

Black and white: designer bathrooms

This trend was already present in the kitchens, it is found in many bathroom manufacturers such as Lapeyre, Schmidt, Mobalpa, Castorama, Villeroy and Boch… Neither "operating theater" nor too dark, the bathroom in black and white is graphic, contemporary, well in its time. We often find lacquered or shiny furniture in sleek, rather rectangular shapes. Small decoration tip, consider adding colored accessories to bring some life to your bathroom.

Flashy colors for dynamic bathrooms

Plum, red, lime green, orange ... these colors, which are currently very present in the decor, are found in the bathroom. Manufacturers like Lapeyre or Mobalpa offer many models in these shades. The shapes of the furniture are often rectangular and the colors brilliant. These colorful bathrooms become a place to start fishing, to get off to a good start in the morning!

Wood for warm bathrooms

Wood is always present for the back-to-school bathrooms. It is found in particular at Perene or Castorama. The wood is clear and follows the current trend. Some tiles also perfectly imitate wood like porcelain stoneware, which can be found at Lapeyre for example. Wood that can be combined with soft and luminous shades like white of course, but also water green or anthracite gray for example.


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