What colors to put in a bathroom?

What colors to put in a bathroom?

The bathroom has now become a living room in its own right and is the subject of much attention in terms of decoration. Color is of course an important part of its layout and must be chosen according to the atmosphere you want to give it. Some tips to harmonize your bathroom with your mood!

For a bathroom that wakes up

Are you more of a foggy type in the morning and can't wake up? Opt for a bathroom that gives you fishing for the whole day. For this, choose warm and invigorating colors. We think of orange, yellow, pink ... also red but more in small touches to avoid the aggressive side. You can paint the walls in these warm colors or choose colorful furniture. Today, bathroom manufacturers offer a wide range of colors in which you will find these lively and dynamic shades.

For a soothing bathroom

Is the bathroom a place where you like to be? Choose relaxing shades to recharge your batteries. We mainly think of blue or green to choose in soft shades like sky blue, azure blue, slate blue and jade green, lime green or khaki green. These two colors have been widely developed by paint manufacturers for a few years and you will find many shades whether at Dulux Valentine, Tollens, Ripolin or Little Greene. Mauve in soft undertones is also a good option.

For an ideal bathroom for everyone

You want your bathroom not to be too marked and adapts to all the people who use it? Opt for neutral shades, which will not displease anyone. We think of mouse gray or pearl, sand beige or taupe that can be associated with cream shades for example. These shades avoid taste errors and are timeless. And to give a little life, we accessorize the bathroom with objects in the colors of our moods!