Alcantara®, a very sensual textile

Alcantara®, a very sensual textile

Alcantara® is more and more present in our daily life. But what is this peach skin feel material and how is it cared for?

Alcantara®, an Italian in his forties

Alcantara® is a unique material born in 1972 in Italy. The company's headquarters are based in Milan but production is done in Umbria, at Nera Montoro.

Alcantara®, a synthetic textile

Alcantara® is a synthetic fiber produced by the Italian company Alcantara. It is made with 60% polyester and 40% polyurethane. It is not a "warp and weft" fabric but a "non-woven": the polyester fibers, very fine, are bonded together by the hot application of a polyurethane resin. Then by a clever industrial process, the fiber is worked to give it that very soft touch.

Alcantara®, a multi-purpose fabric

Alcantara looks a lot like suede and that's what makes it so charming. It is used both in furniture and decoration (to cover sofas, make cushions) as in leather goods, ready-to-wear and in the automobile to cover the seats.

Alcantara®, an easy-care faux suede

Alcantara® can be easily cleaned with lukewarm water or in a washing machine. In the event of a stain, it will be dabbed with a soft brush or a cloth and neutral soap in order to maintain its naturally fluffy appearance.

Alcantara®, a material with a neutral carbon footprint

The Alcantara company obtained the "Carbon Neutral" certification for the management of its production which does not generate any emission of carbon dioxide. From the start, it has taken care of the preservation of the environment, health, safety and respect for workers' rights. To know more :