Decorative splashbacks for all cooking styles

Decorative splashbacks for all cooking styles

Dressing your credenza wall with a decorative wall covering has become a must to create a kitchen that has style. And we are lucky, because in terms of decor and materials, the choice is wide and adaptable to different decorative styles. Overview of the different sideboards dressings, to create different decorative ambiance.

Personalized atmosphere with stickers

Applicable on a flat surface, so on a painted wall and not on tiles, it is a very simple way to dress up your splashback and inexpensive. The stickers are washable and resistant and there are so many possible decorations that we can develop the theme we want.

Pop style with tile paint

Simple to apply, a primer is necessary beforehand and then we choose a tonic color for a pop style: red, orange, purple or anise. Another option: colored resins, which have the advantage of erasing the reliefs of the joints (not entirely all the same).

Family kitchen with effect paints

Magnetic or slate, these paints are generally applied in two coats after applying a primer. You can then write messages in chalk or attach sticky notes using magnets. Shopping list, children's date or sweet words, for a kitchen full of life!

Chef's kitchen with stainless steel and brushed aluminum

In sheets, they can be glued directly on tiles or paint, taking care to coat the two supports (wall and sheet) with glue. There are also self-adhesive plates, some cut to form patterns like a sticker. Ideal for creating a professional chef's kitchen atmosphere.

Digital printing tiles for an urban style

Recently, it is a process that allows you to create custom credenzas with the photos of your choice. The effect is spectacular. The must: views of capitals, Paris or New York.

Plant spirit with photo printing

A macro photo print, that is to say in very close-up, which is protected by a transparent plate of plexiglass or Altuglas, a resistant and washable material, like glass. The effect, like digital printing on tiles, is spectacular. We choose fruit, bamboo or tall grass for a breath of fresh air in the kitchen.