With the snowflake, it's snowing in my decor

With the snowflake, it's snowing in my decor

To prepare for winter and perhaps even snow depending on the region, you adapt your decor like a mountain chalet. And for that nothing like snowflakes. Winter atmosphere guaranteed! New motif in the decor, the snowflake settles for winter in our interiors. On the fabrics of the curtains, the cushions or the plaids but also on the decorative items, we find stylized ice crystals in the shape of a very poetic and delicate star. Result: a decoration between the mountain chalet and the magical ice palace, it all depends on the colors you choose.

Chalet atmosphere

For a chalet decor, combine linen with red or other warm colors. For furniture, bet on dark and raw wood that directly evokes the trunk of a tree. And the must: a fireplace.

Ice palace atmosphere

If you experience snow as a magic phenomenon, choose blue and silver tones that evoke ice. On the furniture side, choose white and even transparent furniture as is the case with plexi furniture. Discover our selection of decorative objects "snowflakes":