Smart storage under stairs

Smart storage under stairs

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To save space and optimize storage in our homes, the staircase turns out to be a good ally. Today, there are many custom storage units, hanging or in the form of cupboards which offer additional organization space.

Closet storage offers a custom-made storage cupboard if you are a handyman. It is the "Déclic" layout, designed to be placed under a straight or quarter-turn staircase. It consists of 3 sliding boxes, a fixed facing and 3 exotic wood facades. Overall dimensions: L. 213 x p. 85 x h. 75 and 258 cm. The boxes, fitted with shelves and drawers, are mobile and equipped with two rollers at the front and a guidance system at the rear. The assembly can thus be moved.

The storage unit

On, we find mahogany furniture in colonial style, in the shape of a staircase to fit perfectly under the steps of the staircase. They consist of 7 drawers or drawers and fronts. The advantage of these ethnic style furniture is that they are fully reversible. Dimensions 105 x 102.5 x 37 cm.

The shelf under the stairs

On, the asymmetrical shape of the Bingo shelf is perfectly designed to be placed under a staircase! In white wood agglomerate, you can store shoes or books. Dimensions: 90 x 32 x 106 cm.

The hanging shelf

A rather innovative system proposed by Lapeyre: it is a shelf made up of shelves suspended under the steps of the staircase. The 23 cm thick shelves are made of solid glued laminated beech, they can be painted or varnished. The fixings and supports are made of stainless steel. A real decorative solution for designing an office corner with 2 shelves, or a library corner with 3 shelves. The system adapts to all types of stairs.