5 animal trophy ideas to install at home

5 animal trophy ideas to install at home

If animal trophies cause a sensation in the world of decoration, it is because they bring authenticity and originality to our interiors. But to be on trend, we say stop to traditional hunting trophies and revisit them with more playful and modern materials. From the wooden toucan for an exotic look to the resin buffalo skull for a bohemian interior, including cardboard insects in the cabinet of curiosities style… Discover 5 ideas for animal trophies to install at home!

1. Resin trophy

© Maisons du Monde This is THE "bohemian addict" trophy. It must be said, the buffalo skull recalls distant and wild lands. Placed on a shelf or a piece of furniture or fixed to the wall, it will give character to any interior with ethnic influences. Choose the bronze color, like this model, for an authentic but chic look! In all cases, the resin is a perfect imitation and therefore has nothing to envy to the real buffalo skulls. The decor tip? Installed in a bedroom, a dressing room or even a bathroom, you can use its horns to hang jewelry, scarves, hats and other accessories ...

2. Cardboard trophy

© Studio Roof When we talk about animal trophies, we immediately think of deer heads. However, there are much more original alternatives. This is the case with insects! And in the absence of stuffed models, we prefer cardboard models! Signed Studio Roof, these 3D trophies and made from recycled cardboard, are to be assembled yourself. We love their magical side which will give an air of curiosity to interiors with character. Here, it is dragonflies which invest the walls. But you will find other models of insects such as butterflies or beetles. Anyway, do not hesitate to accumulate them for maximum effect!

3. Plush trophy

© Wild & Soft A return to childhood. This is what this plush trophy offers! If it is perfect for children's rooms, it will also create a sensation in other rooms of the house. Much cuter than a real hunting trophy, this model filled with sweetness, will crack the whole family, from the smallest to the biggest! We love this elephant head from the plush Elephant Trophy brand, which gives a safari spirit to the decoration. But you will also find all your favorite animals like a lion, a panda, a giraffe and even a unicorn! So which one makes you fall in love?

4. Wooden trophy

© Reine Mère Do you like tropical decorations? Then you will love this adorable toucan. And this time, it is wood that dresses this most exotic trophy. Made in the Jura by the famous Maison Reine Mère, this animal trophy consists of a birch plywood structure. We like the idea of ​​highlighting it with a wallpaper with plant motifs. What honor Mother Nature to the end! Again, this trophy will find its place in all rooms of the house: from the entrance to the living room through the office or the bedroom…

5. Paper trophy

© Agent Paper After wood, resin or lint, make way for paper! And we couldn't resist facing Madam and Monsieur the worldly rabbits. These two lovebirds (sold in pairs) will give your interior decoration an offbeat look. What do we like? Their party outfits! Bow tie for Monsieur and flowers and jewelry for Madame. In other words, one could not be more aristocrats than these two rabbits! In an entrance, they will set the tone, in an office, they will encourage you and in a room near the dressing area, they will make a sensation! So what trophy are you falling for?