Decorative horoscope: the rustic style revisited for Taurus

Decorative horoscope: the rustic style revisited for Taurus

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The bull has its feet firmly anchored in the ground, which it respects. Close to nature, discreet and calm, he lives away from the big cities, in the countryside. Appreciating objects that have stood the test of time and that last, he is very attentive to the materials when choosing his furniture and decorative objects: raw wood, leather, stone. He likes furniture full of history, massive and is interested in regional furniture. His taste for nature leads him to plant motifs, to the green color, which lightens the traditional side of his interior a little. The kitchen is the heart of his house, spacious, welcoming a long farm table to receive friends, because he is also an epicurean who appreciates tableware. And the ideal is that it has a fireplace!

- His home

A farm, a millstone.

- His favorite piece

The kitchen, the nerve center of the house.

- Its purpose

A seed maker, a Chesterfield sofa.

- His color

Orange-red as the southern lands, green for the echo of nature.

- Its decorative style

The little house in the meadow revisited for its home-made aspect: with its raw wood and its logs, its carpenter's furniture, its homemade linen. Find the bull sticker on